Ethical Foundation

Gragem's Policy


Means being in accord with fact or reality and sincere in action, character, and utterance. Our business judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true


Means free from pretense or deceit, and really understood.  Our business practice characterized by visibility of information


Means faith or confidence and as a condition of some relationship. Our future business with something committed to one to be cared for dependence on something contingent


Means being a method of harvesting  or using a resource. Our business planning that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged

Gragem's Welfare

Gragem provides the areas of health and safety benefit, work-life balance initiatives and employee assistance mechanisms as Gragem’s special welfare system.

  • Offers special benefit plans for health and safety
  • Offers special work-life balance initiatives including R&D education program, patent related education program, and global marketing education program
  • Offers special employee assistance mechanisms including Job compensation inventory system, annual incentive system, and stock options

Our Mission

Offering all men worldwide the best of multifunctional natural products based cosmetics innovation in terms of high quality, efficacy and safety to satisfy all their successful business life in their infinite diversity


Ethical Foundation

Gragem was built on strong ethical principles for pursuing the factual beautiful life for men. These principles are namely the foundation of Gragem’s policy in terms of ethics
and additional welfare


Leadership Team

Gragem is composed of 3 divisions including R&D Center, Strategic Planning Division and Business Development Division. Alongside Chief Executive Officer, three directors who are responsible for company’s main business