Competitive Differentiation

With the goal of our futurre R& BD, competitive differentiation for new functional cosmetics based on new natural materials is summarized as follows.(Table 1)

Table 1.
Differentiation Competitiveness
New Raw Materials
-Registration for new use of cosmetic ingredient
-Conversion of single chemical compounds to natural extracts
-Determination of active ingredient contentin natural extracts
-Pilot manufacturing method with high efficiency
-Competitive reasonable cost for preparation of natural extracts
New Formualations
-Active ingredients from functional natural extracts
-Maximum rate of substitution to natural ingredients among all ingredients in functional cosmetics products
All com ponents within EWG Grade 3
-Positioning to ward advanced multi-functional products based on high class
New Raw Materials
-Using new biodegradable soft copolymers
Preparations of micro-trans dermal delivery system
-Increase of skin absorbency of active ingredients
-Maintainemce of stability in skin

Natural PAK 1 Blockers for Anti-Melanogenic and Anti-Aging

Generally recoginized natural PAKI blockers and future Gragem’s research targets are listed in following Table 2.  As Future Gragem’s research targets, the fact story 1S, 2H and 3A are partly described as No. 8, 9, and 10 in the Table 2.

Table 2. Lists of Natural PAK1 Blockes
No Material Chemical Formula Molecular Weight Derived material Function Listing
1 Melatonin C13H16N2O2 232.3 Human hormone Antioxidant KCIA, INCI
2 Apigenin C15H10O5 270.2 Fruit vegetables Antioxidant, Hair Conditioner KCIA, INCI
3 Caffeic Acid (HO)2C6H3CH=CHCO2H 180.2 Medicinal plants Antioxidant, Fragrance KCIA, INCI
4 Resveratrol C14H12O3 228.2 Berry Antioxidant, Skin protectant KCIA, INCI
5 Ester Caffeic Acid C17H16O4 284.3 Honeycomb Origin Antioxidant Not listed
6 Shikonin C16H16O5 288.3 Lithospermum Erythrorhizon Root Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory Not listed
7 Glaucarubinone C25H34O10 494.5 Ailanthus altissima Antitumor Not listed
8 The Fact Story 1S C6H11NOS2Gragem - Gragem Antioxidant KCIA, INCI
9 The Fact Story 2H C13H10Gragem - Gragem Antibaterial KCIA
10 The Fact Story 3A C19H24Gragem - Gragem Antioxidant KCIA

In Vitro Experimental Evidence for the Effects of The Fact” Story 1S

The research results for anti-melanogenesis and anti-aging through experimental protocols are obtained from the assays for melanin Content and NO Production. From these results, “ The Fact” Story 1S  represents  preferably excellent whitening and anti-aging effects compared to Arbutin and ASA as experimental controls in following Figures 2 & 3, respectively.

Figure 2. Whitening Effect of “ The Fact” Story 1S as a PAK1 Blocker

Melanin Contents (%)

Figure 3. Anti-aging Effect of “ The Fact” Story 1S as a PAK1 Blocker

NO Production (%)

Appealability Evaluation for The Fact Story 1S

Appealability evaluations based on comparability between competitively recognized multifunctional skin care creams for men (187)and The Fact Story 1S (135) for newly formulated men’s multifunctional cosmetics are descibed in Figure 4 & 5. Especially, the 187 product would be positioned as the best commercial product considering quality and price in current multifuctional skin care creams for men. Preferably, no significant difference in the statistics at least for the comparable evaluation of the appealability.

Figure 4. Appealability Evaluation of Description for Two Formulations
Figure 5. Appealability Evaluation of Taste for Two Test Formulations

In Vivo Evaluation of Human Skin Suitability

In vivo evaluation of human skin suitability for newly developed men’s multifunctional cosmetics would be focused on not only anti-melanogenesis and anti-aging but also anti-wrinkle and anti-UV action. It was obtained through a certified contract research organization for the report to Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KMFDS) in the end of December, 2018.

Recently Achieved 2 Publications and 1 Test Report table3.
Title Joural Name
In Vitro Assessment of Irritation Potential of an Anti- Melanogenic Agent, PF3758309, in a Reconstructed Human Epidermis Model Asian J. Beauty Cosmetol. 2018; 16(3): 417-425
Development of novel mixed-composition to increase antioxidant and whitening effects of 1S Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea, Volume 44 (3), December 2018
Research Report for Inhibitions of NO Production, Melanin Synthesis and Antioxidation of PF-3758309 Test Report by Ellead Skin & Bio Research
Recently Filed 2 Patents table4.
Title of Invention Application No. (Date)
Whitening cosmetic compositions and whitening cosmetics using the same 10-2018-0121310 (2018.10.10)
Complex Functionality Based Cosmetic Compositions and Functional Cosmetic Products Using The Same 10-2018-0129588 (2018.10.29)

Recent Publications and Patent Positions for Cosmetic PAK1 Blocker

One publication for “The Fact” Story 1S” was submitted in the “Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea” on October, 2018 and expected to be published on December, 2018, titled as “ The Natural Fact 1S Based New multifunctional Cosmetic Formulation. Expected to be filed as a Korean Patent on September, 2018.

Publications and Patent Positions for In Vitro 3D Microfluidic Cultivation Methods of Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) in Our Prior Research

Our prior research was focused on “In Vitro Microvessel Growth and Remodeling within a Three-dimensional Microfluidic Environment”. Using simple 3D microfluidics. (Ref. Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, 2014 Mar 1;7(1): 15-25). The patent registration numbers and dates of not only Korea and global patents for the publications are listed in the following Table 5.

Table 5. Patent Registration Nubmers and Dates ( Patent List for CEO Inventor )
No Countries Registration No. Registration Date
1 Canada CA 2813211 October 24, 2017
2 Japan JP 6170431 July 7, 2017
3 Korea KR 10-1720378 March 21, 2017
4 China CN 103477222 August 10, 2016
5 USA US 9261496 Feb 16, 2016


The PAK1-blockers could be the better alternatives for the conventional “direct tyrosinase-inhibitors” that often cause the so-called “white-spotting” irreversible side effect.



Generally recoginized natural PAKI blockers and future Gragem’s research targets are listed in following Figure 3. As Future Gragem’s research targets, the fact story 1S, 2H and 3A.


Business Development

Our group would participate in the matching program of business partnering of InterCharm Beauty Expo Korea held in Coex, Seoul during October 4-5, 2018...